AU Meme: One Direction and their Divergent Factions

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yeah but why did Harry go see perks of being a wallflower when he only had an hour break. why did nick call harry back onstage just to ask him if he painted little mix’s room pink. why did harry wait for nick at the class of 92 movie premiere. why did harry go to nick’s house for…

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Coachella Crew ‘13

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Matt Fincham FINALLY met Niall Horan 

Came into work today and Finchy tells me “hey tell you who’s got swagger? Niall from One Direction. He’s got great swagger

Good morning to Niall who’s listening this morning! Calm down, Finchy. Not that one.

Who are we going to speak to from One Direction, who would you like to see to come on the show and sell it. Fincham, Niall and Niall?  Studio Niall, phone Niall, yeah. 

Can we call Niall? I wanna meet Niall.

Are you going to take on the roles of any particular member of 1D? Who do you want to be? NIALL!

“I love Niall. I love him more than life itself.”

“But let me get this straight, Finchy, when we were watching that video earlier on, you were touching the screen when Niall came on.” 

“I still haven’t met him and it really upsets me.”

"If you’d have done [the test on how in love he is with Harry Styles] with Niall Horan, it’d be off the charts.”

What would you get tattooed on you? Probably Niall from one direction’s head.

Well I’ve got my One Direction Midnight Memories t-shirt on, shoutout to Niall…”

Finchy, you’ll be spending [Valentine’s day] with Niall Horan. I wish.

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drunk nick is amazing he says anything he wants he has no filter he complains and gets dramatic and the whole team just sounds so use to it and thats why i love this show the most

drunk nick decides its a good idea to call harry live on radio cos /the nation/ needs to know if he was doing a number 1 or number 2 when he was meant to be receiving an award

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but harry hanging up the phone and grinning out the car window and anne smacking his arm and laughing like you got it badddd and harry just grinning and snuggling into her neck all fond and already texting grimmy 

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Love Harry’s mum. Honestly styled me for the Brits Awards 2014. —Grimmy  (via dazy-laze)

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harry answering nick on the first ring

harry chatting to nick on the radio in the car with his parents

anne chiming in from the background

nick looking for literally any moment to call harry

"make sure to tell him he’s live" and then nick saying "you’re live you’re live you’re live"

okay!!!!!!!! bye

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Only a matter of time